Of Traditional Medicine Research

The Herbalist Le Vinh Thanh has experienced over 30 years practicing traditional medicine. Since 2000s, he has opened Van Xuan Traditional Medicine Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City which is now known as Van Xuan Traditional Medicine Research Center gathering leading Professors, Doctors, Physicians, Pharmacists and Engineers who have great influence in the field of traditional medicine joining with him in the development.

From a diagnosis and treatment

He used to a Doctor specializing in the treatment of diseases such as Stroke, Diabetes,  Muscles – Bones – Joints, Sinusitis and diseases of the liver, kidneys, physiology, etc.

To research on medicine

From the remedies and experiences of the family, together with the lessons learned from Traditional Medicine, he has found out remedies that have positive effect in curing diseases for the people.

And to be recognized

He was recognized by the State as A Herbalist in 2009 and obtained many certificates as well as the Announcement of Ministry of Health for the products researched by him have been tested and approved.


The beginning of the trend to turn to Organics

Herbalist Le Vinh Thanh desires for traditional medicine products to be independently researched and prepared in a closed process from A to Z in Vietnam. The soil of Vietnam is relatively suitable for growing medicinal plants, then why we have to import medicinal herbs from other countries while our country can preserve and develop it. For this reason, he has continuously researched and up to now, the medicine of the Herbalist has been Cultivated, Harvested, and Prepared to Finished Products in the safest way (Safety), guaranteed (Guaranteed) the highest nutritious content and especially important (Must Important) is Organic, it will surely ensure the healthiest).

  • Medical Ethnics is up high
  • Save money
  • Followed by Medical Skills
  • Save the time
  • Release melancholy
  • Release distraction
  • Bring the smile back
  • Build trust
  •  Long-lasting happiness
  • Well-deserved reputation

Herbalist Booking

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Call: (+84) 0906 686 474


Note, this Appointment appointment is only for partners who want to distribute medicinal products


A number of finished products are used effectively by consumers.

OFC Van Xuan Weight Loss Tea - Lose weight, fight obesity, PREVENTION OF DIABETES

OFC Van Xuan Weight Loss Tea is a clean manufactured Oriental medicine (Organic). Compete on the level of direct effectiveness with equivalent product lines with high selling prices. Herbalist Le Vinh Thanh has researched and produced by the Center for Traditional Medicine Research and Application of Van Xuan. Currently, this is a product in Vietnam for Weight Loss Tea very effective by the Ministry of Health officially licensed, exclusively produced in Vietnam..
Trung Tâm Nghiên Cứu Và Ứng Dụng Y Học Cổ Truyền Vạn Xuân đã sản xuất và bán  1 hộp viên hoàn cứng điều trị chứng Viêm Xoang, Viêm Mũi.
Trung Tâm Nghiên Cứu Và Ứng Dụng Y Học Cổ Truyền Vạn Xuân đã sản xuất và bán  1 hộp viên hoàn cứng điều trị chứng đau nhức xương khớp.
Trung Tâm Nghiên Cứu Và Ứng Dụng Y Học Cổ Truyền Vạn Xuân đã sản xuất và bán  1 hộp viên hoàn cứng giúp tăng cường sinh lý nữ, bổ sắc tố, máu cho Nữ.
Trung Tâm Nghiên Cứu Và Ứng Dụng Y Học Cổ Truyền Vạn Xuân đã sản xuất và bán  1 hộp viên hoàn cứng để bổ sung chức năng hoạt động Gan, Thận yếu kém.


The participants are included of: The Herbalist, Coconel of Air Defense Force (Ministry of National Defense), Representative of Southern Health Ministry, President of Ho Chi Minh City Medical Association, and guests, deligates, Professors, Doctors and and leading Physicians, etc.


We read with our eyes. But we understand by practical results.

I suffered from back pain due to a herniated disc since I was young. As you may know, it is difficult to sit with this disease, it also makes me difficult to walk and if running a motorbike, my limbs would be numb. I have suffered from this disease for a long time without remission. Luckily, I met a traditional medicine doctor currently working in Van Xuan Center who had acupunctured and implanted for me in combination with using OFC Bone and Joint Medicine and OFC Liver and kidney supplements. Now I’m 80% better if I’m not working too much. I have to say that this is a really great result.

Thao, HCMC

Herbal Medicine of the Herbalist is a well-deserved reputation. At first, after buying the medicine, I read the instructions and found that it would take time to cook on the stove. But I relized that this madicine is really effective. I would like to say thank you to Herbalist Le Vinh Thanh for bring a wonderful product to the people that is Van Xuan Traditional Medicine used to relieve pain, cure back pain and treatment of numbness in joints.

Lệ, District 1, HCMC


Patients and customers please visit the Online Drugstore of the Center VANXUAN.CENTER/STORE or Drugstore agents. For partners who distribute for the first time; the herbalist will meet with the partners and give instruction of the procedures.

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